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Universal Replacement Zone Valve

RI 3/4 -14 UR

Made in USA

  • Powered closed valve. In the event of loss of power, this valve will automatically open

  • Easily installed with any 2-wire mechanical or LED programmable thermostats

  • Powered by 24V AC power supply

  • On board indicator LED lights and internal relay with dry contacts and switches

  • Slow to close, eliminating any water hammer

  • Available in 3/4" for 14' or 25' circulator head pressure systems

  • OR 1" for 16' circulator head pressure systems

Installation Tips:


Always remove the black cover before soldering the zone valve.


Always follow the direction of the arrows on the zone valve when installing. Failure results in a closed valve.


Do NOT disassemble the valve base or damage the valve stem.


Install the valve horizontally when possible to reduce sediment and possible issues.

Valve set includes 3/4" -14 valve and RI head with the Automag Coil #31 



1" -16 or -25 valve with the Automag Coil #29

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