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Since 1967

Leonard Troy. Circa 1971.

Like many companies, Automag Zone Valves was created to fill a need. In 1967, Leonard Troy, a former aeronautical engineer, was in need of a balanced heating system in his split level home. Leonard discovered that there was plenty of heat in his home, just not in the right places. From here, Troy created the Automag Control System. The zone valve that Leonard Troy aimed to create was to be maintenance-less, in addition to being virtually universal. 

Today, in 2020, Leonard Troy's legacy lives on. Not only has Automag disrupted the industry with a fully universal zone valve, but also has added state of the art products like the Automag thermostat and Automag Control and Wiring Centers. Apart from our "UR Series," Troy's initial manufactured product remain the same, with a few modern updates to the Legacy Series and the discontinuation of the Automag Purj-Pack and RS 260. The innovations that hydronic heating industry has seen, we can thank Leonard Troy for. Here at Automag, his legacy continues on.

Made in the USA, as it has been since 1967.

Automag Legacy Series AA. Circa 1988
Automag Purj-Pak (discontinued)
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