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Automag Zone Valve

AB 3/4 -8 Slimline

Made in USA

  • Powered closed valve. In the event of loss of power this valve will automatically open

  • Install inside baseboard enclosure with a by-pass line for individual room temperature control on loop systems

  • Includes metal frame which provides magnetism to ensure valve works properly

  • Can be used with Automag 50VA MB power supply

  • AA Series requires 24V DC power which AZC control and MB power supply provide

  • Available in 3/4" for 8' circulator head

Installation Tips:


Always remove the black cover before soldering the zone valve.


ALWAYS follow the direction of the arrows on the zone valve when installing. Failure results in a closed valve.


Install the AB Series zone valve on the RETURN to ensure that water hammering will not occur.

Tight Space

Install the AB Slimline when needing a valve enclosed a in heating device​ or convector

Valve set includes 3/4" -8 valve with the Automag Coil #32

For pricing call:


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