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Legacy Series

AA 3/4 -14

Made in USA

  • Powered closed valve. In the event of loss of power this valve will automatically open

  • Can be used with Automag AZC 40P or 60P control panels

  • Use with 2-wire mechanical or programmable thermostat

  • OR use with Automag 50VA MB power supply and 3 wire thermostats

  • AA Series requires 24V DC power which AZC control and MB power supply provide

  • Available in 3/4" for 14' or 25' circulator head

  • OR 1" for 16' circulator head

Installation Tips:


Always remove the black cover before soldering the zone valve.


ALWAYS follow the direction of the arrows on the zone valve when installing. Failure results in a closed valve.


Install the AA Series zone valve on the RETURN to ensure that water hammering will not occur.


Install the valve horizontally when possible to reduce sediment and possible issues.

Valve set include a 3/4" -14 valve and AA head with the Automag Coil #31 


1" -16 or -25 valve with Automag Coil #29

For pricing call: 


For further information, read our installation guide, here

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